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Designed for the home/market gardener who wants to sow seed utilizing trays or direct sowing raw and pelleted type seed directly into a garden. Built with recycled material, developed and produced in the USA.    This seeder will not rust or corrode.  There are no moving parts to break. Original seeder comes with 3 handles, the pro series comes with 4. Each handle has 4  choices for seed size and spacing. Tray included. 

First Garden 2016

I built the garden above in 2016

I originally started working on a seeder which led to  focusing on growing organic vegetables and flowers for fun and and health.  The seeder is what inspired me to begin gardening. My goal is to get myself a small farm and grow food for myself and give the rest away.  If the seeder could inspire me I hope it will inspire others to garden as well.  It really is a great hobby and a healthy way to live.  Now I can what I have grown in garden.


Sow Perfect Seeder Story

Not knowing anything about gardening in 2014, a friend invited me over to help him plant his garden.

 We prepared the earth and raked out the soil as smooth as possible on a humid 95 degree day.  He handed me a packet of radish seeds and said put these in the row we had dug with a small stick.  I poured the radish seeds into my hand and attempted to pour them in the furrow when my friend said, "Hey spread the seeds out a little bit".  

Well unbeknownst to him the seeds first of all were sticking in the palm of my sweaty hand so I attempted to pick them out one at a time.  While I was doing that he was explaining that if I didn't space the seed out,  we would have to go back and thin the seedlings later to achieve good growth. He explained how the plants would grow meshed together if I did not space the seed , not good!

And so it went with spinach, beets, kale, etc.  I said someone should make a seeder for this.  He said they do and he pointed to a wheeled seeder leaning up against his shed.  I asked him how much it cost and why we didn't use it.  He said that one was a hundred bucks, however it was broke.

A couple days later,  I was spending some time praying and I asked the Lord if there were any tools left to invent that no one has thought of.  Fast forward a couple more days and an idea popped into my head.. The first Sow Perfect Seeder was born.  I went up to a supply store and bought some Oak wood and in short order I had my first seeder.  

Now its 2017,  I,m gonna say , "Thank You Lord".  He gave me an idea for a tool and I made it, with a lot of help from some design guys and some very good machinists.  The beauty of the "Sow Perfect Seeder" is, that it really works just like its intended to.  You can plant seed ranging from Pea size to the almost dust like portulaca.  Bonus realized, it made gardening  more fun!  

Thanks for checking it out.

Original sow perfect seeder

the harvest

Sow perfect gardens / 
My first garden 2017
 broccoli, cauliflower romaine (below left) , brussel sprouts, beets, carrots ,radishes, peppers, collards, peas , beans, spinach. 

How to make Jalapeño jelly.

I get a lot of Jalapeños and I like them! One way to use them is make some jelly.

Get some of your jalapeños and wash them clean.

Put in a blender and blend them up like a milkshake consistency.

Get some jelly from the store , any kind you like to eat.

Put jelly in a pot and get a light boil going and add as much of the jalapeño mix as you like for your taste.

Clean your canning jars, I like the little designer mason jars and put them in boiling water.

Remove the jars when hot and dump out water and add jelly mixture to jar.

Put cap on jar and submerge in boiling water till jelly and jar all reach same temp, about 15 min.

Remove and let cool. Lid will snap down when cooled , if not store in refrigerator. Will keep on shelf till opened then refrigerate after opening.

Makes a great Peanut butter and jelly, or add goat cheese to a cracker and put jelly on top. Yum!

Or try making the jelly with orange marmalade jelly.

Fry up some chicken pieces with a light breading.

Pour the orange jalapeño marmalade jelly over the chicken pieces with a lot of fresh vegetables in a stir fry fashion and you will end up with a plate of the most delicious spicy orange chicken . I serve it over rice.

Making the jelly in small jars you can make a gift basket with some crackers , goat cheese and add the jelly for christmas or special occasions and add what you think they would like to basket. Believe me they won't be disappointed.

Everyone will think its homemade. Hey-it is, in a way!

Throw in a Sow Perfect Seeder and you will have contributed to healthy living at the same time.

Hope you have a great growing season!


Quick view sowing raw broccoli seed and pelleted lettuce seed in a 72 cell tray

How to use

Sow Perfect Seeder  in real time shown below when seeding all type of brassica seed.

This video on left shows versatility of original "Sow Perfect Seeder" Now available with a pro series handle for quickly loading a 200 or 128 cell tray. (Pro series handle not shown in this video, see home page for demo)