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New! Pro series set. Comes with 4 handles. 3 handles cover all the seed that the Sow Perfect Seeder was originally designed for.  Pro series has a modified number 2A and 2C handle, this will sow pelleted and some raw seed for the 200 cell tray and the 128 cell tray as well as the 72 cell tray.  The side of the handle that does the 200 (2A) cell tray deposits 15 seed simultaneously.  The side of the handle that does the 128 cell tray (2C) deposits 11 seed simultaneously.  This Pro series is designed for market gardeners to make quick work of ,sowing lettuce, onion, basil, and any small seed available in pelleted form or are about the same size as a pelleted seed.  Works well with any pelleted size up to and including beet seed. Not a market gardener? The pro series is great for direct sowing of pelleted carrot or pelleted lettuce seed in your garden rows.  Spaces seed approx 1 inch apart, perfect for carrot seed!  If your sowing seed in the 200, 128, or 72 cell tray by hand this inexpensive seeder is for you!  

Sow Perfect Seeder - Pro Series Seeding Tool

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