How do I get small seed into trays or space seed correctly in my garden?

Sowing seed in trays and directly in garden can be challenging. Perfecting spacing or just picking up a small seed is difficult.  Poorly spaced seed wastes money and valuable plants.

Imagine  perfectly spaced seeds with little or no thinning required!

Because the "Sow Perfect Seeder" can perfectly handle small seed, your garden will be amazing!

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Precision Seeder

Precision seeder

Watch video to see how the

"Sow Perfect Seeder" works!   Visit the   "About"    page to see video demo.

" Some seed fell on the path and the birds ate it.

Some seed fell on rocky soil and when it had sprung up it was withered and scorched.

Some seed fell in the thorns and was choked out.

Some seed was sown on good soil and produced a harvest. some 30, 50 or a hundredfold!"

Sow Perfect Seeder provides Sow Perfect results!

Pro Seeder in action look here!!

The Most effective, inexpensive hand held seeder available for your garden today!

12 choices for spacing and seed size!

Precision seeding eliminates thinning
This example of radishes above were direct sown in garden , no thinning required!

All orders  thru 1/30/20 will receive a free pack of 200 pelleted "Boro Beet" seed.  Simply order a Sow Perfect Seeder or a pro seeder  and 1 free pack of seed will be included in order!

(Due to restrictions, some countries out of USA do not allow plant or plant product, "seed". If restricted free seed will not be included in order.)

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