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Sow Perfect Seeder   

Seeding tool. Garden tool. Tool for seeding garden .

One hot, humid day a friend invited me over to help him plant in his garden. It was 2014 and I didn't know anything about gardening yet. We raked out the soil until it was smooth and then he handed me a packet of radish seeds. "Put these in the row," He said to me. 


I poured the radish seeds into my hand and attempted to pour them in the furrow when my friend said, "Hey, spread the seeds out evenly." But I couldn't!


The seeds were sticking to the palm of my sweaty hands. I attempted to pick them out one at a time.  While I was doing that he explained that if I didn't space the seed out evenly, we would have to go back and thin the seedlings later to achieve good growth.


It was a tedious and time consuming process to ensure each tiny seed was spaced evenly from the other. That's when I had the idea to create a tool that does it for me. The Sow Perfect Seeder saves time, ensures great growth, and makes gardening more fun! Keep scrolling to see this tool in action. 

Kirk Neetz,


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Dump the packet of desired seeds into the Sow Perfect Seeder Tray.

Step 2: Shake the seeds over the seed holders Each one will fit perfectly until you dump them into your row.

Step 3: Dump the tray into your row. (It's already spaced perfectly apart for optimal growth!) 

Voila! You planted 6-12 perfectly spaced seeds all at once. No more using tweezers or rulers while gardening! 


I really like that I can plant small seeds in an even row. It's especially handy for me as a new gardener!


This little gadget works great! I'm not wasting seeds anymore and it's so much faster than hand seeding.


Excellent tool! Very helpful with spacing small seeds. 


A very useful, novel tool that is also very easy to clean and sanitize. You will not be disapointed if you buy one.

Suzanne Levis


Q: What kind of Seeds can I plant with the Sow Perfect Seeder?

A: The seeder works great with a variety of different seeds including but not limited to carrot, kale, cabbage, jalapeno, radishes, swiss chard, beets, tomato, peas, and more!

Q: What is the Sow Perfect Seeder made out of?

A: 100% recycled plastic!

Q: How many seeds can I plant at once?

A: You can plant 6-12 seeds at a time. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Satisfaction or your money back!

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