How do I get small seed into trays or space seed correctly in my garden?

Precision Garden Seeder​


Sowing seed in trays or directly in a garden can be challenging, frustrating, time consuming, tedious. Wasting time or seed is costly.

Vacuum plated seeders are very expensive.

Getting seed in trays using your fingers, tweezers or bulb type syringes is tedious at best.

The "Sow Perfect Seeder" accurately singulates seed, then enables the gardener to sow multiple seed at one time into trays and garden rows.

Save the money you were spending on seed tape or the $$$ you were considering on investing into a mechanical seeder. 

The "Sow Perfect Seeder" will seed a tray in less than 2 minutes. 

Used for a wide variety of seed for a fraction of the cost of more expensive seeders. 

Available with 4 handles with 4  different size seed and spacing options per handle puts this seeder in its own class.  

Developed for the "Market Gardener" or  "Home Gardener" this seeder,s simplicity is what makes it so remarkable.

Made from recycled plastic and developed and produced in the USA! 

Precision Seeder

Precision seeder

Watch video below or visit our

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for a demonstration of seeder.


" Some seed fell on the path and the birds ate it.

Some seed fell on rocky soil and when it had sprung up it was withered and scorched.

Some seed fell in the thorns and was choked out.

Some seed was sown on good soil and produced a harvest. some 30, 50 or a hundredfold!"

Sow Perfect Seeder produces results that more expensive seeders offer at a fraction of the cost.

No other hand held seeder is more effective for seeding trays and spacing seed in the garden.

Used for the 72 cell, 128 and 200 cell tray.  Direct sow, spinach, radish, beet and many more seed directly in garden.

If you start your seedlings in trays, this seeder is for you! 

Precision seeding eliminates thinning
This example of radishes above were direct sown in garden , no thinning required!

Pro Series Handle Now Available See Shop Page For Details

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